March 07
Hub City Club: Chehalis, WA
with David Bazan, Noah Gunderson

February 23
Jackson Hall: Silverdale, WA
with Siberian, Art | Mirror | Mind, Jupiter Mining Corporation, The Final Showdown

February 05
The Comet: Seattle, WA
with Ships, Drug Rug, Corridor

January 25
Viaduct: Tacoma, WA
with Garage Voice, Hey Hollywood, The Globes, Gazelles

January 11
The VERA Project: Seattle, WA
with Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, Baby Panda, Concern

January 05
The Midnight Sun
: Olympia, WA
with Don't Tell Sophie, Space Travel Is Boring, Ghosts Of A Brontosaurus, Gliese 581

January 03
The Connection Cafe @ Pierce College
: Puyallup, WA


December 29:
El Corazon: Seattle, WA
with Siberian, The Kindness Kind, Colonies

December 09
UrbanXchange: Tacoma, WA
with Garage Voice, Trans Union

November 15
The Cave @ Pacific Lutheran University

November 04
Hub City Club: Centralia, WA
with Garage Voice, Karli Fairbanks

October 20
Kirkland Teen Union Building: Kirkland, WA
with Team Gina, Ms. Led, Tennis Pro

October 06
Skylark Cafe: Seattle, WA
with The Love Lights

September 30
Chop Suey: Seattle, WA
with The Can't See, The Moools

September 29
Jackson Hall: Bremerton, WA
with Celebrity Judges, Ruxton Towers, Sought After, Mayor of the World

September 15
Club Impact: Tacoma, WA
with Cadaver Graye, Deas Vail, The New Frontiers, Don't Tell Sophie

August 26:

Viaduct: Tacoma, WA
with Hopefield, Science Fiction Theater, Destruction Island, Cold War Nation

July 20:
Hell's Kitchen: Tacoma, WA
with Rocky Votolato, Langhorne Slim

May 8:
Atlas Clothing: Seattle, WA
with Anathallo, Jordaan Mason

March 29:
Hell's Kitchen: Tacoma, WA
with Peachcake, Great Glass Elevator, 1090 Club

March 17:
The Vera Project: Seattle, WA
with Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground, Portugal. The Man

March 16:
Club SOTA: Tacoma, WA
with David Bazan

February 10:
Tacoma Actor's Guild: Tacoma, WA
with Campfire Folklore Restoration Society, The Handshakes, Ubiquitous They

January 27:
The Comet Tavern: Seattle, WA
with Matthew Southworth, The Scheme, The Young Sportsmen, Shake Some Action

January 4:
The Junkyard: Tacoma, WA
with Don't Tell Sophie, Cadaver Graye


December 29
Hell's Kitchen: Tacoma, WA
with Jeremy Enigk, The Bend

December 1:
urbanXchange: Tacoma, WA

November 1: New York, NY
CMJ Music Marathon/Arlene's Grocery
with Tokyo Rose, Peachcake, The Spores, Blinded Black, 1090 Club